When Should I See My Dentist for Tooth Sensitivity

Tooth sensitivity is a common condition that our Bonita Springs dentist sees each week. Depending on the symptoms and extent of your tooth sensitivity, you may or may not need to see someone about it right away. Here are some things to look for if you notice irritation, tenderness, or sensitive teeth from time to time:

If Your Tooth is Sensitive to Hot or Sweets

Hot temperatures and sweet sensitivity are red flags when it comes to dental health. Sweets don’t necessarily have to be candy or dessert; they could include your coffee creamer or diet soda. If you notice a “zing” in one specific area causing tooth sensitivity, you need to see our trusted Bonita Springs dental office.

Sensitivity or Pain When Biting Down

Tooth sensitivity when chewing could be something significant like a cracked tooth or broken filling. Then again, it could be irritated gum tissue that only needs to be brushed and flossed a bit more often. If you notice a certain area of your mouth experiencing tooth sensitivity when chewing, be sure to let us know. Dr. Andisco will take an X-ray of your tooth during your exam so that we can screen for any major cracks or abscesses tucked out of plain sight.

Throbbing Teeth

Sometimes sensitive teeth are not tooth related at all. If you notice sore upper teeth that tend to hurt when chewing, check to see if you’re also experiencing any sinus pressure or seasonal allergies. Occasionally we’ll see sinus inflammation mirror the same symptoms of tooth sensitivity as an abscessed tooth. But if you notice swelling in your gums at the same time, you need to see our dentist at your earliest convenience.

What About Cold Sensitivity?

If your teeth are sensitive to cold temperatures, you’re not alone. There can be several reasons why you’re experiencing this sensation. Gum recession being one (requiring a dental screening) or even using teeth whitening products. Do your best to avoid extremely cold temperatures but let us know about them during your next exam. We will want to screen for gum disease or offer desensitizing treatments to help.

Are You Using Whitening Products?

Over the counter teeth whitening products are some of the most common causes of sensitive teeth. If you’ve recently begun using a new product, consider giving it up for a couple of weeks to see if symptoms improve.

Sensitive Teeth? Call Now

SMILE Dental offers a variety of treatments to combat tooth sensitivity. During your exam, our Bonita Springs dentist will evaluate your smile and make you aware of what options are available. The solution could be as simple as switching toothpastes! Contact us today to request an appointment.